About Us

NiteFlux has been a leading Australian brand of bicycle lights since 2001, developing and manufacturing an innovative range of products for the world.

In 2013 NiteFlux is focussed on daytime safety lights with new versions of the popular Red Zone series.  These incredible lights are more than just daytime visible, they are daytime conspicuous and have the ability to change your traffic experience.  We get hundreds of reports that our customers get more room on the road and less near misses when using the Red Zone in daytime or night.

All current NiteFlux models are proudly made in Australia.  Distribution is from NiteFlux head office in Adelaide, South Australia, and for international customers, from our warehouse in Kentucky, USA.

After more than 10 years continuous production, our popular VisionStick range and other main beam front light offerings are discontinued for 2013.  All valid warranties will be serviced and in some cases, paid repair may be available.  Limited spare parts for discontinued models may be available.

Please contact us with any queries.