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Use these lights in the DAYTIME.  The White Zone 5 is very visible from all angles including side on.  Great for passing through intersections, and past side-roads.  Not intended as a main-beam light.

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Product Description

White Zone 5: Bright and sturdy with maximum battery life.

Our popular White Zone series is redesigned for 2013 with new versions being even brighter and more visible than before. Battery life is improved and the lights are easy to mount and to use. A double-power version (White Zone 10) is also now available.

NiteFlux White Zone has a strong carbon fibre body, and water proof and chemical resistant rubber ends. This light will never break, and never leak, no matter what road or weather conditions you ride through.

The White Zone series achieve exceptional visibility with up to 1000lm (in white, wz10) over 300 degrees viewing angle. That is around 10x what other lights can deliver and is easily seen well past horizontal. These lights allow you to be seen in any conditions, from any position.

  • Use these lights in the DAYTIME.  Also has a lower power setting for night time, and for group rides.
  • Wide viewing angle makes perfect for mounting on bags and helmets.  Remain seen as you bend, twist and move.
  • Very simple and very secure seat-post mounting.  Will not scratch your bike.  No plastic attachments.
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery.
  • USB rechargeable. Plug into your computer, ipod charger, or any other USB style charger.
  • Wide range of power and flashing options, user selectable.  Something for everyone and yet still very simple to use when riding.
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant.  Extended warranty options available up to 3 years.


WHITE models
Power(wz10) Light output Runtime Power(wz5) Lightoutput Runtime
8 Solid 3.2W 120   lm 3      hrs Solid 1.6W 60    lm 4      hrs
7 Solid 1.6W 60     lm 6      hrs Solid 0.8W 30    lm 8      hrs
6 Solid 0.8W 30     lm 12    hrs Solid 0.4W 15    lm 16    hrs
5 Flash 10W 1000 lm 3      hrs Flash 5W 500  lm 6      hrs
4 Flash 6.4W 640   lm 5      hrs Flash 3.2W 320  lm 9      hrs
3 Flash 3.2W 320   lm 9      hrs Flash 1.6W 160  lm 18    hrs
2 Flash 1.6W 160   lm 12    hrs Flash 0.8W 100  lm 24    hrs
1 Flash 0.2W 20     lm 100+hrs Flash 0.1W 10    lm 100+hrs
Recharge 6hrs Recharge 6hrs

Too many power settings?  There is a simple editing function that allows the user to select as many or as few power settings as you prefer.   The light ships with just low flash (1), high flash (5) and solid (8) active.  You can remove or add more from the list a any time.

Dimensions: 90mm long x 30mm diameter.  Weight 85g.

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2 reviews for White Zone 5

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    After seeing the effectiveness and quality of the Red Zone 4 light I had purchased previously, I decided to buy a White Zone 5 for my front commuter light. This light fits perfectly on my bike’s offset Topeak Bar Extender, and now I feel that I have the best 360* visibility of any other single front/rear bike light combination available anywhere for both day and night. For daytime use, I set my White Zone 5 to the highest flashing setting of 500 lm for maximum effectiveness. But because the light has such a wide coverage area, for night use, I find it distracting to use the flashing setting even at the lowest level. I therefore set the light to the maximum solid(non-flashing) brightness for all nighttime riding. At night, this light looks like a small, but very bright, florescent bulb strapped onto my bar extender. And although NiteFlux states this light is “Not intended as a main-beam light”, it still does offer some usable light on the street up to maybe 10 feet in front of my bike. Highly recommended for commuter bikes.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’ve used this light nearly continuously for around 2 years now. It is a very high quality product. The light has plenty of power to grab attention and also does well enough as basic forward illumination. Also the battery life is ridiculously good.

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